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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook Review ~ Part Three

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As I close off on the book review, for What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook, I wanted to to quickly review the recipes which are available in this cookbook. Last week I covered the categories you would find in this cookbook:

Chapter 1 Vegetables, Dressings and Sauces (included Mix & Match Salad Chart) love this! This is ideal when we need inspiration.)
Chapter 2 Grains and Potatoes (included Mix & Match Whole Grain Pasta Recipes)
Chapter 3 Fish, Poultry, Beef and Lamb
Chapter 4 Meatless Main Dishes
Chapter 5 Soup, Stew and Chili
Chapter 6 Breakfast
Chapter 7 Desserts and Fruit
Chapter 8 Appetizers and Snacks

Do you recall this cookbook is based on Dr. Rex Russell’s 3 Principles found in his book What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook

  • Principle 1: Eat only substances God created for food. Avoid what is not designed for food. The author’s goals want to offer a wide variety of God’s ingredients throughout the recipes in this book.
  •  Principle 2: As much as possible, eat foods as they were created—before they are changed or converted into something humans think might be better. Eating foods in their most wholesome state as much as possible is healthiest. This means cooking more from scratch but with the help of Amy and Hope, you’ll find many healthy recipes which are quick to prepare.
  •  Principle 3: Don’t let any food or drink become your god. By following Principles 1 & 2, Principle 3 should be easy to follow through.

What I found very beneficial in this cookbook is that the recipes are kept simple and use whole real foods avoiding what is not designed as foods.. During the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve had time to glance through the book and saw many many recipes which caught my fancy that I will definitely plan to prepare which would be nutritional for my family.  Here are just a few listed:

  • Chicken Salad with Pecans and Grapes
  • Maple Almond Salmon
  • Spinach Souffle
  • Cherry Pear Crisp

Although, I’m writing this before having my dinner and I’m hungry, I have to say, that we will be using this cookbook on a regular basis.

To end the cookbook, you'll find Appendixes A and B which gives you more insight on the three Principle.

Appendix A reviews Leviticus Chapter 11 which cover the Levitical Dietary laws found in the bible. It is broken down into sections of scriptures which cover the different laws the LORD spoke regarding the different animals which are clean and unclean.

Appendix B takes the scriptures from Leviticus Chapter 11 and puts it in a more readable format so we can clearly understand this chapter. Here you’ll see a list of the ‘Clean Animals’ and ‘Unclean Animals’.

So there you have it. I hope that I was able to give you a good vision of the foundation of this cookbook and what it includes.

Our family does follow the Levitical/Biblical Clean and Unclean meats when making food choices. This is something we are convicted . This is an individual personal journey which only the Holy Spirit can convict someone.

To read more about our family and the Levitical/Biblical Dietary Laws, please visit About and scroll down to to Our Convictions Towards the Leviticial/Biblicial Dietary Laws.

To learn more on the teaching of Clean and Unclean Meats, please listen to the following two parts.  We found this to be an excellent teaching when revisiting scriptures in the Bible.

To Eat or Not to Eat ~ Part 1
To Eat or Not to Eat  ~ Part 2

Here are other resources on Biblical eating

I want to thank you Hope Egan and Amy Cataldo for allowing me to review  your book.  I would also like to thank you Heart of Wisdom Publishing for allow me to receive a copy for review along with a copy for the Cookbook Giveaway.

If you can't wait and would like  to purchase a copy of What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook  now, please visit our Amazon Store.

(Disclosure: I do use affiliate links, have sponsored ads, and have started reviewing products for giveaways. I only recommend products I have used or believe would be helpful to my reader and followers.  Blessings)

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I hope that you will be blessed with this review.  Please take time to review Part One and Part Two if you have not already done so.  If this Book Review has helped you towards your journey towards making healthier choices, please share.  


  1. The meals you have mentioned sound wonderful. Would the ideas be easily adaptable to gluten and dairy free do you think?

  2. This has been such a fascinating series...thank you so much for sharing it w/ Two for Tuesdays!!

  3. Thank you for linking up with Two for Tuesday. An interesting read.

  4. Hello Hadassah, yes I believe these recipes can be adaptable to gluten and dairy free. We drink home made almond milk and recently rice milk. I've made wonderful scrambled eggs with almond milk. It actually tastes better. The recipes in the cookbook often suggest spelt flour instead of wheat. If you are wanting to talk with Hope Egan directly, I can look into it. Here's a blog you may want to look at for more gluten free recipes: http://www.simplysugarandglutenfree.com/ Email me if you have any other questions.

  5. Interesting! I am intrigued by the book. :) I read parts 2 and 3 tonight. We are not personally convicted by the Levitical diet, although I have read about it. But as you said, that is personal conviction! We definitely believe you should eat as God designed, and avoid anything man has designed! Thanks for the series. :)

  6. I have been enjoying learning more about this way of eating - so interesting! Thanks for sharing it with Two for Tuesdays!

  7. Hi Carmen, What an indepth review of this book! Thanks so much for giving us insight and sharing it on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! Alex@amoderatelife


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