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Pebble Crossing is family owned and has been founded with the purpose of sharing our findings towards a healthier life. Wellness has always been important to us and we have always enjoyed sharing what we learn with others. One of our Godly gifts is encouragement to others to follow a similar path of healthy living that we have taken. We strive to promote total wellness through nutrition, fitness and spiritual well being - not merely 'living' in the absence of disease or infirmity but rather 'thriving' in vibrant health. We have reaped many rewards using our approach and we wish to Inspire the Wellness in You too!


Carmen, spends her day being amongst her family in the many daily facets of managing their home and homeschooling her two children ages 13 and 15.  Homeschool has been part of her life for the past 15 years.  Carmen truly enjoys being with the Lord, spending time with her husband John and their children, reading, sewing, gardening, the list could go on.  If you know Carmen, she loves encouraging people that cross her path whenever there's an opportunity.

I am happy to announce our son Zachary Bruno is now a contributing author for Pebble Crossing. Zachary is 15 and is currently being homeschooled.  He loves his new dog Kaya, or any dog for that matter. He loves the LORD and is continuing to learn what it means to stay in His will and His presence. One of Zachary's strong interests is to compose his solo piano music for his Heavenly Father in Heaven. You can find his writings on his journey towards producing his first CD at Zachary Bruno Music by clicking here.  Be sure to comment on his blog, he would love to hear from you!

We are so blessed to have Leah Bruno as a contributing author for Pebble Crossing. Leah, almost 14 is currently being homeschooled. She has many ambitions as she continues to strive to please Yahweh and walk in His path. One of her strong qualities is in servtitude and she has a heart to please. Leah hopes to continue to persue her love for writing and with time to be able to publish one of her stories. She loves to spend time with her family. But being around horses ranks way up there also.  Please welcome Leah as she contributes her first article.  You can visit her writings also at YHVHSTEMPLE Blog.


      1. Just found your page! Looks inspiring, educational and encouraging. I am a new follower. Looking forward to reading more!

        Mrs. White

      2. Thank you Mrs. White. It is always good to hear that our Creator's encouraging words are blessing others. ~ Blessings, Carmen

      3. Loved your page here and got to see your photo, Mrs. Bruno. :) Very true statement: If you know Carmen, she loves encouraging people that cross her path whenever there's an opportunity.

        Shabbat Shalom and love to you!


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