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During the years, our family has come across many insightful and beneficial resources which we've used or which have helped someone we know in one way or another. Please note we may not agree with all of the information presented on these sites listed below, We have taken advantage of what lines up with our convictions through discernment and wisdom. We hope that some of these resources will be of help to you and your family as well.


Above Rubies ~~ This family has been encouraging others for the past 32 years.  Their motto, "Encouraging women in their high calling as wives, mothers and homemakers".  Here you'll find devotionals, articles, and forums where women can seek or offer advice in different areas.  This family has been a blessing to me.  Above Rubies also publishes a magazine, please click here to learn more.

Ancient Hebrew Research Center~~A wonderful place if you are wanting to learn biblical Hebrew word definitions. Mr. Benner has spent thousands of hours in research and study. He has attempted to use as many resources as he could from the fields of history, linguistics, archeology, anthropology and theology in order to uncover the original Hebrew alphabet, language, thought and culture.A wonderful site indeed with a plethora of information.

Bible Study Tools ~~ If you are looking for help with your own bible study, this site has many resources. These include, different bible translation, the interlinear and parallel bible, commentaries, dictionaries, commentaries and more. I really enjoy using the interlinear bible.

Covenant to Life ~~Within Scripture, our Creator reveals His intent and workings with all humanity. He especially calls out one people, the Israelites. These people are given a Covenant relationship which will last forever. It is generally not appreciated that, without exception, all people who are HIS, are so through covenant. This video series uses the Tanakh to reveal the Creator's plans for Israel, and the Gentile, in the past and forever.

Feelin Feminine ~~ An online magazine for ladies.  The focus is to offer more inspirational and challenging articles surrounding the topics of femininity and being set-apart.

Living Word Pictures ~~ Dr. Seekins who has been studying Hebrew word pictures/ancient paleo Hebrew for over 26 years helps us decipher the ancient pictures to help us understand the percepts of scripture.   There is an incredible power in pictures and there are some pictures that elegantly describe Biblical precepts of life.  Although no one could place even a masterpiece on the level as scripture, they are incredible tools that can help us remember and teach Biblical precepts.

Sowers Of Hope ~~ This site offers many modesty resources through articles, audios and videos.   Sowers of Hope is dedicated to sharing the Truth according to the Bible.

Talking Torah Ministries~~ This ministry is focused on teaching more of our Heavenly Father's ways, which includes the set apart days found in the Tanakh(Old Testament). We have been enjoy listening to the Torah portions via pod casts.

Torah Class ~~ We have used this site as reference as well as listened to some of their audios. Tom Bradford is thorough in his teachings of a Biblical and Messianic perspective. As a homeschooling family, we have definitely benefited from his teachings as we learn more of the Torah.

Training Daughters, Teaching Wives ~~ I have recently been told about this site. As a mother teaching my daughter to be a servant and training her to be a wife one day, I am inspired by this group of ladies in helping not only daughters in their roles but also continuing to train me as a wife to my husband. They do also have a sister site which encourages young ladies in modesty.

Wild Branch Ministry ~~ The WildBranch focus is to restore the ways of our Creator to His people by teaching the Old and New Testaments from the language and culture of the people who penned them. The New Testament is crammed full of idioms, phrases, and concepts known to the observant Jew (Yehudim) living in the time of Yeshua's ministry, but unfamiliar to modern readers. The Scriptures must be read through the eyes and minds of the culture in which it was written.


Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy ~~ I have found this site extremely informative in helping us know how to treat an illness with herbs. By using the search bar, simply type in your specific request.

Dr. Day~~Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.  Dr. Day was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer but rejected standard therapies because of their destructive side effects and because those therapies often lead to death. She chose instead to rebuild her immune system using the natural, simple, inexpensive therapies designed by God and outlined in the Bible, so her body could heal itself.

Dr. Mercola ~~ Someone recommended me this site years ago. This site is loaded with much information on health and nutrition. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Mercola states but for the most part, I do find interesting information and do refer to this site regularly.

Hallelujah Acres~~Hallelujah Acres® is a non-denominational Christian ministry that provides education, products, services, and other resources to help people everywhere understand and practice God's ways to ultimate health. We hope that you will find both the information and inspiration to get on the road to health and to stay healthy for life.

Healthy Eating Guidelines~~This post is actually on our blog.  It covers the levitical/Biblical dietary laws.  There are plenty of resources if you are wanting to learn and study on this subject.

Planet Place~~This site has wonderful information with regards to what the Bible states what is appropriate to eat. There is an abundance of information to glean from.

WestonAPrice ~~ I have learned much from Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Tradition” and since then have been able to increase our family’s vitality by something as simple as learning to use soaked grains.


PROVE VaccineInfo
PROVE provides information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices that affect the children and adults of Texas. Our mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.

Think Twice Vaccination ~~ Much information to glean on how vaccinations affect the health of children as well as adults. You’ll find studies, articles, immunization laws and FAQs.


Grass-Fed Beef
Rehoboth Ranch ~~ (Greenville, TX) We have been purchasing our grass-fed beef and pasture-fed chickens from this farm for years. They strive to raise meat the natural way, animals forage on pastures untainted by pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.  Please visit their site as they also offer other foods.

Desert Creek Honey ~~ (McKinney, TX) This company close to the Dallas area offers honey, beeswax as well as pollen and other toiletry items. This company was started by a local homeschool graduate. The focus of the company is quality and preservation of bees, God's creation.

Local Harvest ~~ This site will help you find local produce farmers, organic produce, family farms and more!

Pick Your Own ~~ (Dallas area) This is a neat site where you will be able to view all of the local farms that allow you to pick your own produce.

Eat Wild --Grass Fed Food and Facts~~more than 1,300 pasture-based farms,  The most comprehensive source for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.  Products include many clean foods.


AzureStandard Coop ~~ This food coop making deliveries in western United States is now extending its deliveries to the Texas.  They offer bulk purchases.  Check to see if there is already a coop already set-up in your area.

Family Cloth Wipes~~ If you are looking for an alternative to toilet paper or disposable baby wipes, please visit this site.  This wipes are well made using 100% cotton fabrics.

Frontier Coop Wholesale ~~ I’ve been involved in a local coop and have been able to take advantage of reduced prices for many of my household items. You’ll find herbs, spices, teas in small quantities and also in bulk. Requirements to take advantage of this wholesale coop are easy. Get a group of at least 10 families together. If a minimum of $250 order is placed, shipping is free. In the past, I’ve ordered, shampoo, toothpaste, spices and teas in bulk. Best thing to do is to contact for more information.

Tropical Traditions ~~ I’ve ordered my coconut oil, coconut cream and coconut flakes from this company in the past. If you have time, read the founder’s testimony and how he came to know our Savior Yeshua-Christ.  

If you are new to Tropical Traditions please consider using our User ID: 247069.  You are eligible to receive your own free copy of Virgin Coconut Oil book, complementary of Tropical Traditions by visiting here . When our readers choose “Referred by a Friend” and enter our referral number  on their first online order, the book will be automatically added to your order. Feel free to visit customer service Tropical Traditions Customer Service  if you need help placing your first order and to receive your free copy of Virgin Coconut.  (We at Pebble Crossing appreciate your support)

WholeFoods ~~ Did you know you can take advantage of bulk purchases and get 10% off. Call your local Wholefoods ahead of time and place your order.


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ~~ This site was extremely easy to search when deciding what seeds I wanted to order. They had photos of each of their products, something I cherish. Also the ratings made my choice easier to decide. I would highly recommend them.

The Dirt Doctor ~~ If you live in Texas, I’m sure you’ve heard of Howard Garrett. He’s all about organic gardening. You’ll find information on how to get started with organic gardening. He even has his own radio show here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Biblical Holidays, Hebrew Roots: Exploring Our Biblical Heritage ~~ This site has a wonderful curriculum on the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and the Biblical holidays. If you are looking to learn more and teach on the Hebrew roots, please spend time on this site. It has a plethora of inspiring information.

Homeschool Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) ~~ This website will inform you of legal information and state laws pertaining to your state. Curriculum planning for all ages and much more can be found here. HSLDA is a non profit organization. HSLDA officers, directors and employees are followers of Christ.

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