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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Drying Rosemary Simply

We've been blessed with much rosemary these past years.  When we first moved in, I decided to plant the rosemary bush close to the front entrance.  We've enjoyed the wonderful aroma from the rosemary as well using it in our food preparations.  To name a few, we use this herb in our herbed Challah, pizza dough, meat dishes and scrambled eggs. 

Cultivating rosemary is quite simple like most of the herbs.  I simply cut what I need or want and either lay it out flat on a cookie sheet to dry or gather them in bundles and hang them to dry.  I've also tried using the dehydrator.  Simply drying them without the dehydrator works just as well and is not worth the use of an electrical appliance.

Air drying time takes maybe four to five days at the most.  Once the rosemary is dried, place in air tight container

Since we prefer the rosemary somewhat broken up, we place the leaves into the Vitamix blender and pulse to our desired size.  We have been able to powder the rosemary in the past as well.  A coffee grinder can be used for this procedure.

According to author Jethro Kloss of  Back to Eden, rosemary (rosemarinus officinalis) can be used for colds, colic and for nervous conditions.  It is very good for headaches caused by nervousness and should be taken warm for these situations.  Rosemary is also good for bad breath, a mouth wash can be made to help with bad breath and for sore throats.  The oil can be used as a perfume for ointments and for liniments.   Rosemary aids in digestion, coughs, consumption and strengthens the eyes.

Blessings  ~ Pebble Crossing

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  1. Thank you for the information! We have quite a few rosemary bushes around here, different types that bloom at different times (I love that). We love the smell and having them readily available for cooking.


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