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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

With much talk about the negative effects of radiation exposure, I felt it important to share some information which may help some of you who are concerned and are looking for natural ways to help prepare in case it is needed.  We need to continue to pray for wisdom and discernment when sifting through much of the media information as it may leave us with an exaggerated sense of urgency. 

Having said this, let us keep at the forefront of our minds the importance to continue to live in good health.  The goal to stay healthy is not for self preservation but to follow in Yeshua/Jesus' footsteps and to serve our Almighty Father, Let us seek to be obedient and strive to do His good works in humbleness however He is leading you and your family.

As each one has received a gift, serve one another, as good trustees of the manifold 
favour of Elohim(God).If anyone speaks, let it be as the Words of Elohim(God). 
If anyone serves, let it be as with the strength which Elohim(God) provides, so that 
Elohim(God) might be praised in it all through Messiah, to whom belong the esteem 
and the rule forever and ever. Amĕn. 1 Peter 4:10-11
The information being shared below is taken from the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia.

Radiation Poisoning (Radiation Exposure)
Symptoms and disease—dizziness, mental fatigue, eye fatigue, severe headache, cataracts, and nausea.
Where found—medical and dental x-rays, television, cellular phones, video display terminals, satellite dishes, building materials containing radon or voltage electric lines, radar devices, electronic games, smoke detectors, and tobacco. It can also come from a nuclear bomb, which exploded halfway around the world or from a terrorist’s dirty bomb here in the U.S.

When radiation strikes a human cell, it alters, damages or destroys it. If a cell’s DNA is damaged, genetic mutations in offspring can occur. Whether a little or a lot, radiation is extremely dangerous. Living tissue is damaged when ionizing radiation strikes it. This is radiation powerful enough to shift electrons from one collection of atoms to another. Such restructuring of tissue can result in disease or cancer.

A significant percentage of women inherit a gene that is sensitive to X-ray exposure. In those women, even a short exposure to X-rays can lead to cancer.

Strontium-90 and Iodine-131, which are produced by nuclear explosions, are especially harmful because they have short half-lives and are easily absorbed by the body. In the U.S. radon and X-rays are the most frequent sources of radiation. You are exposed to more radiation when you climb in very high altitudes.

Solutions—Avoid radiation sources and environment. As a help in protecting yourself from radioactivity, you must eat enough non-radioactive elements.

If you are not obtaining enough calcium, your body will absorb radioactive strontium-90 from the air.
Buy a bottle of iodine and paint a line on the top of your foot (or the inside of your thigh). If the color disappears within 24 hours, put ona little more (too much iodine can be harmful).. Your body will absorb it and protect you from radioactive fallout from radioactive iodine (iodine-131). Which destroys the thyroid.
  • The following nutrients helps protect the body against radiation. Pantothenic acid (200 mg), inositol (100 mg), lecithin granules (1 tsp), B complex, vitamin E (400-800 IU), calcium (2,000-5000 mg), potassium (5,500 mg), magnesium (750 mg), zinc (50 mg), coenzyme Q10 (100 mg), dulse or kelp (1,000 mg), Aloe vera has been shown to reduce radioactivity.
  • During a nuclear attack, vitamin C, taken in large amounts (5,000-25,000 mg or more in divided does each day) will help protect you. Be sure to get extra calcium and iodine at that time.
  • Foods which protect against radiation include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Foods which reduce one’s ability to be protected against radiation include meat, poultry, dairy products, sugar, refined food, and food with chemical additives.
  • Have your home tested for radon. This is a radioactive gas which seeps up from the ground. Homes which a re tightly closed are especially liable to this problem.
  • People who smoke are at special risk of injury by radon in the home.
  • If you sit in front of computer monitor (screen) for long hours each day, you need to install a radiation/glare screen filter. If your employer will not purchase one for you, for your own protection, buy it yourself.
  • Beware of unnecessary X-rays. Refuse them if you are pregnant.
  • It is claimed that cell phones can irradiate your brain. Purchase an earpiece or phone guard. Use it only for short calls.
  • Avoid working in an X-ray lab; Because, you do, you will gradually keep increasing your rad count.
Continue to go to the Father in all things, He will lead you to do what is right for yourself and your family.

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If you have other information or links you would like to share, please leave a comment below.  We are here to encourage and build up, and avoid confusion and unwarranted fear.

For more natural remedies for radiation exposure, please visit here.

This information is shared from The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, seventh Edition.  For more information about this book, please visit the ministry of Arukah.com

Blessings ~The Brunos


  1. I have that Natural Remedies Encyclopedia you referenced and can testisfy that it is a very good resource with many suggestions for just about anything one could think of!

  2. Thanks for that Carmen - I found that really interesting and helpful. I'm going to add iodine to your list of things to have on hand here.
    Lusi x

  3. Great information Carmen, THANKS for caring and sharing!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this. I'm in CA and heard that they are setting up extra radiation detectors to monitor what's in the air drifting over from Japan. Hmmm... I do have some iodine and may use it should then need arise, but best of all, your exhortation to "Continue to go to the Father for all things" - so good to hear those words!


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