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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


More Notes on Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

Herbal Legacy's Newsletter from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing recently shared some precautionary measures in the event of possible radiation plume in your area. This was in response to last week's plume that was estimated to fall over California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, etc.

Although this has passed, we do not know what the future will hold. So I still wanted to share this information to our readers in the event we need to take precautions and prepare.

  • Take the time to reevaluate your emergency plan and supplies as a family. Make sure your vehicles are not empty of fuel in case you need to evacuate and do not count on phones working in case of actual emergency.
  • If suggestion is and you plan to, stay put and to stay within your home for an allotment of time make sure you have plastic and duct tape to seal your windows and doors as well as the supplies needed in the case of a usual emergency: water, food, etc.
  • If you plan to evacuate, have at least a 72-hour kit ready to go at a moment's notice. This is good to have no matter what you plans are.
  • Staring now, significantly increase your intake of naturally sourced iodine-containing foods and superfoods: (*estimated amounts of naturally occurring iodine)
          • Icelandic Kelp - *8000ppm
          • Kelp, Dulse, etc. (Seaweeds) - *5400ppm
          • Chlorella - *100ppm
          • Spirulina - *70ppm
          • Pistacios - *51ppm
          • Dark Greens in all there variety
          • Colorful vegetables & fresh fruits
          • Onions & Garlic
  • The purpose of increasing your intake of iodine-containing foods is to raise the amount of stable iodine in the blood. This will increase the likelihood that the thyroid will absorb the stable iodine instead of the radioactive iodine (iodine-129 and iodine-131) released during a nuclear accident.
  • During the intake of iodine (kelp capsules SNH recommendation: 8-12 capsules a day depending on the size and health of the individual) further precautionary measures would be to take the four Dr. Christopher's Cleansing Formulas to keep things cleaned out (Lower Bowel Formula, Kidney Formula, Liver & Gall Bladder Formula, and the Blood Stream Formula) and then to add the Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula for additional cleansing.
For more natural remedies for radiation exposure, please visit here.

Pebble Crossing Store does carry Dr. Christopher products. You can find them here.  If you have any questions, please email us.

May we continue to pray for those in Japan and those who are helping through this devastation.

Blessings ~ The Brunos

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