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Monday, October 18, 2010


Pet Vaccinations, Where do You Stand?

Kaya, Zachary's dog
We read and talk a lot about the effects of vaccinations on children and adults. But what about our family pets? How is that viewed? What advice to you follow? I remember years ago, receiving a call from the veterinarian's office to schedule an appointment for yearly vaccinations. Veterinarian visits can be expensive so my first thought and question to the person on the phone was "are all vaccinations mandatory?" After being told that only the rabies shot was mandatory along with the recommended bordetella vaccine in the event that our dogs needed to be kenneled, I soon realized that I needed to get in the habit of questioning what I was told and to take it in prayer and let my heavenly Father lead the way. This really opened my eyes into how easily so many of us fall prey to what the world views of what is appropriate.

There has been many dog vaccinations discussions in our family since our son received a puppy in January of this year. Making the decision to no longer continue vaccinations for our children is playing a big role for our son's decision to not vaccinate his dog. My husband and I are blessed to see that he is learning to care for his dog Kaya. I view that as an important trait to prepare in decision making for his own family one day.  But needless to say, we need to make a decision.

In our city it is mandatory to have family pets receive the rabies vaccination. Living in a much hotter climate area, there is a concern for heart worms as well. We have been researching and have found other natural options available to us and are still in discussion mode. We are praying for Yahweh's leading. I hope to share our findings soon.

I came across a video by Dr. Becker who has partnered with Dr. Mercola which covers information regarding animal vaccinations. Although we do not agree with everything Dr. Becker recommends, she does share important information and it is definitely food for thought. The video is worth watching.

What has your family decided for your pets and what led you to this decision?


  1. I have always wondered the same,we are trying to decide about the FLU SHOT,we never had gotten it but wonder if we should.We hane a new puppy and If they say he needs all these shots all the time then WHY???I am happy someone else is thinking the same way.

  2. Do you know how in season this is for us? =)LOL
    Father does... I patiently await your findings about alternative methods :D

    I miss you greatly, my friend!

    do you have email? I only have your mailing address =)

    Love to you!

  3. Shalom Carmen,
    Great topic, It is also perfect timing for me as well, I just recieved the post card from the vet last week notifying me that it is Vaccine time again. I loved watching the video, it was a real eye opener, and very informative! I think that it is important to obey the law, so I plan on getting what is mandatory for my pet, but nothing more. And I will be asking for the 3 year instead. THANKS!!!!

  4. Shalom Carmen,
    my pets had some vaccinatins when they were little(before I owned them)but have not had any since then. My dogs both have health issues and one is 11 y/o so I do not even give the rabies vaccine due to this. Which means my dogs are not currently licensed. They are inside dogs and only go out with us.I am not fond of dog license laws or mandatory laws that have to do with the care of humans or animals, unless it is a basic law regarding abuse and neglect of course. Of course obeying the laws as much as possible is important but I think we all have to choose which laws we cannot obey due to Biblical beiefs, I am one that believes vaccines do not line up with The Word, therefore the dog license law is not one I follow if I can get around it. I would use a natural choice for the heartworm. 9 I have lots of links on that if you need) Also studies show that vaccinations last much longer so my dogs may be covered even on the rabies..you can do titers if they had vaccines as babies. some info to help with your sons decision...
    of course I do not agree with all on this site
    in Messiah,

  5. HebrewHerbMaiden, yes we are torn as we know what the law requires of pet owners but we also know the health problems surrounding the vaccines. thank you for the links. we will continue to research.

  6. I'm not within city limits so *yea* on that point! However, we are considering moving into it temporarily, so I'm going to have to give this one serious thought. Our dog is currently not vaccinated except for the puppy ones she received before I was convicted to stop vaccinating my family. I just felt like, why in the world am I subjecting my dog to this if I feel so strongly against it for my children? Like humans, I think diet is extremely, extremely important (My goal is to get her on a wholesome raw diet, but alas $$ says quality dog kibble for now) and we don't let her roam wild and make sure she's secure at all times (she's not fixed for one... but otherwise we live semi-rural so it's not too big of a deal as in the subarbs/city setting). ... Thank you for this post otherwise. It was rather refreshing to have it placed back front and center on my mind. :).


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