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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Pebble Crossing Recommends ....

Learn to cook with sourdough in an online, multi-media class!

If you've always wanted to learn to prepare naturally-leavened foods of all kinds and are looking for more instructions, then you may be interested in GNOWFLINS Sourdough eCourse. On July 13th, GNOWFLINS will be open for registration.. Lessons will be released week by week into December. There is no rush when being a member, with lifetime access you can come back to the lessons any time, at your convenience. This course is on donations based only. So you pay what you can.  If you would like more information, please be sure to click on the above photo

Leah and I are currently taking the Fundementals eCourse, which is part of her learning to be Keeper of the Home - in the kitchen. In this week's lesson, we are building on the importance of soaking grains.   It has been a blessing for me as we continue to bond in our mother/daughter relationship. This course is also based on donations only - pay what you can.  If you are interested in learning more on this course,  please click on photo below.

Learn the fundamentals of traditional cooking in a 14-lesson multi-media online class!


Saving Naturally ~  Live Healthy, Spend Less,  recently new online and sister to  Keeper of the Home offers discounts and coupons for healthy living as well as helpful information on how to manage and organize coupons. Frugal living tips are also being added.   Stephanie Langford, owner of Saving Naturally recently published a new book Real Food on a Real Budget which Leah and I are currently reading.

If you have a few minutes, stop by at Saving Naturally, deals are posted daily!. 

Disclaimer: Although Pebble Crossing recommends the above sites to be very beneficial and hopes it may bless someone, we may not agree with everything posted on these sites.  Pebble Crossing is not affiliated with with the above sites,  however does have an affiliate with Real Food on a Real Budget and will receive a small commission from anyone purchasing this book.

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