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Sunday, July 25, 2010


An Interview at Home Shalom

Hello, I was honoured when asked to be interviewed by Pamela at Home Shalom as part of  The King's Daughter series.  Yahweh's timing is always perfect.  Upon reading John and Stasi Eldredge's book Captivating I was privileged to experience  much restoration and  conviction of Yeshua's desire for me to be part of His family.  Yes I've believed this for a long time but it seems that I have been blessed with more comfort and reassurance.. It truly is a blessing Pamela,  to be interviewed by you as one of The King's Daughters.

Please visit Home Shalom to read the interview which reveals my learning to be more transparent.

I am new to Home Shalom and have just recently met Pamela.  We are on the Messianic Keepers at Home ForumWhat joy it is to know I have other sisters who have the zeal to abide in His will.  Her gift of encouragement is something  I recognized quickly as she strives to lovingly equip those in need with Yahweh's words and promises.

I pray that you would be blessed.

In Messiah

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  1. Carmen, Thanks for your words of encouragement! The pleasure is ALL mine!


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