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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Good Deals at Frontier Coop Wholesale

I’ve been involved in a local Frontier Coop Wholesale  I believe for almost 2 years.  We have been able to take advantage of reduced prices for many of our kitchen as well as toiletry items. If you've shopped at Whole Foods before, you will remember Frontier brand items.  You’ll find herbs, spices, teas in small quantities and also in bulk as well as some kitchen accessories.

One of Frontier's slogan is "We're one company with three great brands.  They currently carry the following:

  • Frontier
  • Simply Organic
  • Aura Cacia

If you are interested at what Wholesale Frontier Coop has to offer, please visit their regular site at Frontier Coop and view their catalog.  Keep in mind these prices will be higher than what you will pay when purchasing wholesale.

Requirements to take advantage of this wholesale coop are easy. Get a group of at least 10 families together. If a minimum of $250 order is placed, shipping is free. In the past, I’ve ordered, shampoo, toothpaste, spices and teas in bulk.  They also have monthly sales. Best thing to do is to contact directly for more information.

This coop has been a blessing to our family.  We have been able to take advantage of discounted pricing as we currently don't have other major food coops here locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  But that being said, Azure Standard is currently extending their territory and they are in the process of establishing some dropsites.  Yippeee! I hear there are good deals to be found with them as well.  My sister who currently lives in Tucson has been able to take advantage of both these coops on a monthly basis.

May this information bless someone.

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