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Monday, August 8, 2011


Water Fluoridation~Is it Safe?

Are you and your family currently learning about the effects of water fluoridation?    Did you know that the United States continues to fluoridate most of its water supply and other countries have chosen not to?  Informing ourselves and being in prayer with our Heavenly Father will help us make the best decision for our families.

Here is a short video to watch which is FREE for a limited time only.  Dr. Mercola also shares other important information in his post. You can read it here.

We currently have a water filtration in place as well as shower filters to help control the fluoridation. We also use made our own homemade toothpaste as well as purchased non fluoridated brands.

Have you already made changes to avoid fluoridation? If so what changes can you share with our readers?

Blessings ~ Pebble Crossing


  1. Shalom Carmen,
    I have heard allot about Fluoride, but it wasn't until we stopped using it in our toothpaste and started filtering our water that I realized something! My gums were no longer bleeding when I brushed and they were no longer loose, like they had been for years. I thought it had something to do with me eating a good diet too, but just recently my son visited and purchased some toothpaste with fluoride in it.

    When he was packing to go home, he said "I better leave this behind so I don't get hassled at the air port." WELL, instead of tossing it in the trash I decided I would just go ahead and use up the tube. Bad idea! The very first thing I noticed was that my gums were bleeding, but brushed it off, but for the last week or so my gums have been really sensitive.

    I only put two and two together after seeing a news article that said that people were having really bad problems from "too much fluoride"(look it up). Their teeth were spotted, and in some cases, rotting away, Too weird!

    So when I saw your post I just had to tell you what just happened to me.
    Shalom and thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. wow amazing Moira! thanks for sharing, hopefully your information can bless someone else learning about the bad side effects of fluoride.

  3. Shalom Carmen,
    The good news is: I threw that tube out, I am back to using NON fluoridated, and GUESS WHAT? No more sensitivity or bleeding!!! YEAH!!!


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