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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Learning about the Covenants ~ Covenant to Life

Photos credited to www.CovenanttoLife.com

These past few months we have been truly enjoying watching a series of online videos from Covenant to Life. These were shared with us from Sowers of Hope.  We've been reviewing and learning more of the biblical covenants through these videos.  These covenant series are made for children around twelve years of age and older to watch and to easily understand.

Each Covenant is explained with scripture reading and discussion among a group of at least two to three adults (and some times youth) at a reasonable pace.  The presentation for each of the series is wonderfully created with beautiful photos of YHVH/God's creation.

There are a series of questions that can be answered when covering the different covenants, questions such as:

1.  Who is the Covenant between?
2.  Who initiated the Covenant?
3.  What is the purpose of the Covenant?
4.  What (or who ) is the cutting and what (or who) is the cut off?

Some of the series you will see covered are:
  • Covenants of Noah
  • Covenants of Abraham
  • Abraham to Yitzhak
  • Yitzchak
  • Yacob
  • Yacob's Offspring

For a closer look at what the video series examines, please visit Scripture - A Closer Look.  To get you started, I'm including the first Introduction Video

Although our family may hold a few different beliefs in the understanding of some scriptures stated, I recommend these series.

Blessings ~ Pebble Crossing

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