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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Cast Iron Bread Pan Review

Two weeks ago we received Camp Chef’s Cast Iron bread pans from CSN Stores. I was graciously offered an opportunity review one of their products and accepted. After searching around on their many online stores, we decided to try out the cast iron bread pans. It was an ideal product since we bake different breads in our house regularly.

The cast iron pans are designed with an accessible handle which makes it easy to carry to the oven and out of the oven. The size of the loaf is an ideal size for sandwich making slices. When receiving these pans, they were actually ready to use because they had already been seasoned with natural oils that are baked into the iron. This finish also creates a natural non-stick finish.

I wanted to try baking different breads before sharing my experience. I have been using a bread recipe from Bosch for my weekly bread baking for quite a few years. It is quite an easy recipe, please click here to view it. Baking the bread in the Camp Chef cast iron bread pans was amazing. The bread baked well with a nice crust on the top and without a mushy soft bottom. Because the pans get extremely hot which happens with cast iron, I am ensured that there is even heat.

I also tried the cast iron pans baking banana bread. Once again I experienced wonderful results.

If you are looking for a cast iron bread pan for yourself, or as a gift to a new bride to be or anyone else for that matter, this would be a great purchase. Something that could be passed on to future generations.

Blessings ~ Carmen

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