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Monday, November 15, 2010


Welcome Red Wagon Tutorials!

Hello, I would like to introduce you to Red Wagon Tutorials, a new advertiser with Pebble Crossing. Red Wagon Tutorials specializes in online Live-Feed, online Recorded, and DVD Science Classes and is owned and operated by Steve Rosenoff, his wife Shelly, and their Golden Retriever, Cleo. They currently reside in Olympia, WA. Mr. Rosenoff is also the founder of Little Red Wagon Ministries, an evangelistic outreach to the homeless of Olympia Washington.

Mr. Rosenoff, the science instructor for Red Wagon Tutorials has been involved in science for at least thirty-six years. From his beginnings as a veterinary assistant, through his early career in medical research, and into his final position as an international consultant in the area of absorbent products, his enjoyment of science and learning has never diminished. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Boise State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, and a Teacher Certification from the University of Washington. Mr. Rosenoff is a Washington State certified teacher. His school coursework included Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Serology, and Parasitology.

For the past eight years, Mr. Rosenoff has been teaching Apologia Science courses full-time for The Potter's School and Apologia Academy. Last year, he felt lead to start a new ministry, Red Wagon Tutorials. Steve has been personally selected to teach Apologia science courses by Dr. Jay Wile, founder of Apologia Ministries and author of the course materials

Tutorials Offered
Red Wagon Tutorials offers a thirty-two class lecture series recorded on DVD in an MP4-HD, double-disk, format. These are a Red Wagon Tutorials exclusive, which are different than the Apologia Instructional DVDs (featuring me as the instructor) currently being sold. Each class is sixty to ninety minutes in length, depending on how they are used. He currently has presentations available for:

  • General Science
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Marine Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Advanced Biology (2011)
  • Physics (2011)

Red Wagon Tutorials is also planning for a middle school health and fitness, high school astronomy, and high school geology course presentations.

For every DVD purchased, one free DVD is given away to a missionary family. Red Wagon Tutorials is currently serving missionaries in forty-four countries with free DVDs and curriculum support. His Golden Retriever, Cleo, is featured on every DVD label to welcome each student to study. The General Science DVD shows Cleo as a puppy and then she becomes increasingly more mature on each subsequent DVD: basically, she grows up as your student progresses.

In June, 2011, version 3.2 of General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Biology DVD sets will be released and pre-sold orders will be shipped. We will begin pre-selling the new version 3.2 DVD sets January 1, 2011. The first 200 version 3.2 DVD disk sets sold during January's pre-sale get online Test and Exam grading for the 2011-2012 school year included in the $150, plus shipping, price. (The online Test and Exam testing/grading service normally costs $100, if purchased separately.) This special pre-sale offering applies only to the first 200 disk sets sold: the 201st set sold will not receive the free testing/grading service. The offer will run through the end of January or until the first 200 disk sets in total are sold.

The 2011-2012 version 3.2 product will include the best class sessions recorded over the last five years.
Each 2-disk course set contains:
32 MP4-HD 60-90 minute video presentations
32 MP3-HD audio file for MP3 player upload
32 MP4-HD 60-90 minute IPOD movie files for IPOD, IPHONE, or ITUNES upload
32 Revised fill-in-the-Blank lecture note sets
32 Updated Teacher lesson notes with latest links used
16 Reformatted Formal experiment report samples
16 Revised Module Tests and answers
01 Revised 1st Quarter Exam and answers
01 Revised 1st Semester Exam and answers
01 Revised 3rd Quarter Exam and answers
01 Revised 2nd Semester Exam and answers
01 Revised Comprehensive Exam and answers
01 2011 Assignment Supplement
01 2011 Course Schedule
01 Instructions letter
01 Introduction letter

The DVD set is yours to keep and there is no access limit for the licensed student/family. The recordings are never updated with new information, however. We do not grade your student's tests or exams, unless these services are included under the special advertised limited offer mentioned above. We do not grade your student's lab work or formal lab reports under the DVD program for any reason. We make no guarantee that the web sites we visit on the DVD or reference in the class notes will be available for the DVD program with the next use or subsequent uses: web sites change and we cannot update a DVD to reflect those changes. Cost is $150, plus shipping. These are available exclusively through Red Wagon Tutorials. The DVD set is sold and supported by Red Wagon Tutorials. They cannot be purchased through Apologia or any of its subsidiaries. The disk sets are not intended for co-op, private or public, or online school use.

This offer does not apply to the version 3.0 single disk, WMV, DVD product or any Apologia DVD product sold by Apologia Educational Ministries or its distributors. This is a Red Wagon Tutorials exclusive offer on our exclusive version 3.2 RWT DVD product sold only through our web site.


As a homeschooling family, we have had the opportunity to incorporate one of Steve Rosenoff’s courses as part of our science curriculum. We have been using Apologia Science curriculum for quite a few years and are really encouraged with a curriculum which promotes creation from our heavenly Creator. These classes have been fully endorsed by Dr. J. Wile, author of Apologia Science curriculum. Our son Zachary is currently studying Apologia Chemistry. We opted to purchase the DVD which allows Zachary to work through the course at home at his own pace. This has worked really well for our family.

We are so blessed here in North America to have a choice to homeschool our children if we so desire and to have the option of choosing curriculum that best fits our family’s homeschooling needs. Please take the time to visit Red Wagon Tutorials. His programs may be something you have been looking for or may need in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to email Mr. Rosenoff here. Our experience in dealing with Mr. Rosenoff has been all positive. I feel very comfortable emailing him with any questions as they arise.

Please be sure to inform other families you believe may be interested in learning more about Red Wagon Tutorials and take advantage of this DVD Special Offer.

Disclaimer: Although Red Wagon Tutorials is currently advertising with us, we do not receive any commission for purchases made directly with Red Wagon Tutorials.

Blessings ~ The Bruno Family


  1. This looks like a great resource, thank you so much for sharing it!!!

  2. I was curious about how scientists witness...this is a valuable resource for scientists in our midst. I shall share this♥


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