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Friday, September 3, 2010


Yeshua, My Gardener

I'd like to share this poem written by Leah our daughter.
She has a passion for her Savior, Yeshua and also has a passion for writing.
I would like to believe that our Creator, has been guiding us, her parents
as we continue to lean on our Redeener.

Yeshua, my Gardener

The watering can may seem heavy
But He carried a weightier one for me.
He died and rose to set me free
So I could live in eternity
Yeshua, the gardener for me.

He is the Living Water of Life.
He died so I could live with YHVH without strife.
Yeshua, the gardener for me.

And when I’m feeling sad and distressed
He gives me more and nothing less
Yeshua the gardener for me

I’ll lift my little smiling face
[Up] to His, filled with atoning grace
Yeshua, the gardener for me.

I’m planted in His garden field
Where oft’ to tend me He has kneel’d.
Yeshua, the gardener for me.

He gives me everything I need
And helps me overcome the weeds
Yeshua, the gardener for me.

When He comes back to take me out,
And plant me in His Holy House
Let me give a loud and joy-filled shout
Yeshua, the gardener for me!

2009 by Leah Bruno


  1. Oh it is just beautiful! Well said, Leah =) Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. Spoken like a true surrendered lily of the valley! May He continue to work in His garden and grow His fruits in you! Oh may Yeshua come soon!

  3. I love it! Well done Leah and what a blessing to read!


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