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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Should Students Still be Taught Cursive Writing?

I recently read a short article in the Costco magazine titled Should Students Still be Taught Cursive Writing?  I noticed its been a hot topic this past year as I read previous articles.  It seems people have differing views on this issue.  Today many rely on the electronic forms of communication, their demands for needing to use cursive writing may not be as necessary.  On the other hand, some feel strongly that cursive writing is essential to hand-eye coordination and that it builds a variety of skills in youngsters. Here a few comments I’d like to share on both sides.

Yes, Cursive writing should continue to be taught in schools.
  • Even though we have computers, people should still know how to compose a letter and to write properly. Also everyone needs their own signature for their name.
  • It is part of history and how we express our thoughts with some class and elegance. Anyone can learn how to push a button, but not everyone can write beautifully.
  • It teaches children how to think about what they write. It improves the content of their writing, and corrects tense, punctuation and syntax.

No, cursive writing does not need to be taught in school
  • I learned it as a child but do not use it now. Everything we do now is on the computer. All the reports and schoolwork as you get older has to be typed out.
  • I do not find a necessary at all. Cursive writing usually involves having to figure out the writer’s slant. No pun intended.
  • Youth today get more hand-to-eye from computers, phones and ipods, if texting were cursive it would have died an early death.

Cursive writing reminds me of all the letters I wrote to my family and friends as a youth. I think of the hand written Declaration of Independence, I think of the scribes spending endless hours producing a finished book. And what about journalling and keeping a hardbound diary?  I envision when our children practiced their hand writing, one loving it and still enjoys using pen and paper and the other preferring to avoid it, although taking a liking to calligraphy and has since build an appreciation for fonts old and new.   I have to admit, I truly enjoyed writing letters by hand. It has a more personal touch. It is a time for reflection, sitting in a special place with my own thoughts. Yes typing does have its advantages, having the ability to type your thoughts out quickly. But maybe if we didn’t busy our life so much, we wouldn’t have to rush to get everything done. Maybe we just need to simplify our lives and get back to basics.

I look forward to continuing my copywriting the Torah once again, yes in cursive writing, it is a special time for me to really mediate on Scripture. Personally, I believe cursive writing should still be taught.

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What are your thoughts on this?  Do you see value in teaching cursive writing to your children?  Please leave a comment below.  Also be sure to place your vote on the right hand side of our blog.

1 comment:

  1. We have gone the way of only teaching cursive to our children. But I agree mostly with you: it's not necessary, we just like it.
    Everyone should learn how to read cursive, though.
    And there is 1 advantage of cursive to early readers, it gives them some reprieve of trying to decipher those pesky bs from ds.
    I followed a link from Raising Homemakers.
    God Bless


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