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Monday, September 20, 2010


Almond Butter/Spread Using Roasted Almonds

Both of Zachary and Leah really like this Almond Butter recipe. This is another simple recipe which can easily be done without much prep time.  Using roasted nuts will give the Almond Butter a nutty roasted flavor which is different than the Raw Almond Butter which I've shared previously.   Having some kind of nut butter is always good to have around. 

Almond Butter Using Roasted Almonds
2 cups roasted nuts
1/2 teaspoon sea salt. (we use less)
2 tbsp coconut oil
4-5 dates (optional)

Place 2 cups of raw almonds on cookie sheet in an oven of 300 F for about 15-20 minutes.  You may need to move the almonds around to ensure roasting is even.  Let almonds cool before using.

Using the food processor, combine the roasted almonds and salt and process until finely ground.  You may also use a blender, a meat grinder or nut butter machine if you prefer.

Add the dates and coconut oil and continue to process until the almond butter becomes as smooth as you like.  You may need to add more oil if necessary.

Other nuts can substituted if desired try, cashews, hazelnuts or macadamia nuts or a combination.  This recipe will yield about two cups.  Please note that when using coconut oil, when refrigerated, the nut butter will be harder.  Coconut oil hardens in cooler temperatures.


Adapted from Rebecca Wood's site http://www.rwood.com/index.htm.  Please note I've used this recipe but may not agree with all of the information on this site.

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Have you tried making a nut butter?  If so what is your favorite nut butter?  Do you think this recipe sounds easy to try?


  1. I love sunflower seed spread made like this too *yum*

  2. Just stopping by from Tuesday Twister. I am going to try your Almond Butter, it looks really good.
    Thank you...

  3. I just made this exact thing over the weekend, I had read that just the almonds themselves would process into butter but it didn't seem to work so I added the coconut oil and dates. I also used to as a crumb topping on some plums and it was so yummy!

  4. Roasted almond butter is one of my favorite things! I love it spread on a square of good, dark chocolate...bliss! Thanks so much for sharing it w/ hearth and soul this week :)

  5. I actually prefer almond butter to peanut butter, especially when used in recipes. It's so easy to make at home, isn't it! Thanks for linking up with the Hearth and Soul hop this week.

  6. My son loves almond butter, I have not made it myself - I should this is so easy! Thanks for linking to the hearth and soul hop!

  7. I love anything with almonds and can't wait to try this. Thanks for linking to Hearth n Soul!


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