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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sowers of Hope

Please meet Sowers of Hope, a family owned business whose owners' lives are filled with homeschooling, daily musings as they manage their household affairs, and time spent in preparing many headcoverings. Less than one year ago, they felt the LORD's calling to start offering headcoverings as a side home business. Their goal was to be able to meet the needs of those looking to purchase for religious, practical or fashionable reasons. Since this is a family owned business, everyone takes part in some way or another.

Choosing just the right fabric, cutting and sewing the headcoverings is only part of the business operation. Much time is also spent in listing their products with their online shop and writing about different aspects on headcoverings. Recent write-ups were on the history of different headcoverings such as the "mob cap".Click here to learn more.

"Yahweh keeps blessing us." They say. "He provides for our every need continuously in His way." Blessings of being able to work together as a team, of being able to fill custom orders and also of financial provisions. There is definitely a labor of love in this business. It continues to be a positive experience as each one of the family members journey with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Sowers of Hope is currently offering many headcoverings. Here are a few samples.

Extra Wide Headband


 If you would like to learn more about their business, please visit their blog at Sowers of Hope, A Headcovering Boutique.  For more selection on headcoverings, please visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/SowersofHope.

Sowers of Hope currently started a series called S.E.E.D. Stories, Encouragement, Examples, Discipleship, interviewing women, young and old who want to share their story about how their convictions regarding headcovering has touched their lives.  If you have been covering for a long time or are new to covering and are feeling led to encourage others, please contact Sowers of Hope here

We at Pebble Crossing want to continue to be a blessing to you and glorify Yahweh, our almighty Father and hope that by sharing this we have touched your lives in some way.

In Messiah,

Have you visited or purchased Sowers of Hope before?  If so what was your favorite headcovering?  Is there a headcovering you would like and do not see available?  Please comment below and I will make sure Sowers of Hope recieve your comments.

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  1. I have visited and plan on going back! Wonderful site!


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