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Friday, May 14, 2010


Dr. Mom's Healthy Living

Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living
Written by Sandra K. Livingston Ellis, M.H.
with forwards by Charles T. Ellis M.D. & Keith Clayton, M.D.
529 Pages

Sandra Ellis, currently a Master Herbalist, a microscopist, a midwife, a mother of 13 and grandmother of 27, teaches and lectures nationwide for The School of Natural Healing and was recently adopted in the Shahaptian Healing Way as medicine woman. (Taken from back book cover)

“Life is a journey – not a destination”. How many times have we heard this phrase? Sandra Ellis starts her book by quoting this as she expresses to her readers that she wishes to share her journey and the journey of her family in hopes of enlightening us to see some of the simple truths around us which can go unnoticed mostly due to our conventional programming.

Upon reading the first section of this book, I realized how God has placed Sandra in so many different situations for His glory. Studying alternative health was a choice she made as she longed to become more responsible for her health and her family’s health. In 1994 her husband Steve, an airline pilot at the time, was diagnosed with diabetes and would be grounded if he needed to start using insulin. With still 12 unmarried children at home at the time, they could not afford for Steve to be grounded. This started Sandra’s search, she quotes “into an incredible world of self-reliance and independence that I could only have imagined before this time.”

Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living is divided into 5 sections. Section I, shares many testimonials on how Sandra began to step out of her comfort zone and take more responsibility for her family’s well-being. As Sandra became more knowledgeable from her studies with the School of Natural Healing and other courses, she began applying her findings and experienced amazing results. One year later, Dr. Christoper the director of the School of Natural Healing requested that she write down some of her experiences, and as it turns out due to many testimonials, Dr. Christopher later published this 100 page little book which became her first “Dr. Mom” book.

What an enlightenment to experience many of the Ellis’ over-comings through these testimonials! As our family continues our journey in search of gaining more control to maintain a disease-free life, I stay encouraged and convicted to know that herbs can facilitate in so many day to day illnesses as well as more serious issues. Section I shares how Sandra Ellis was able to draw on her growing knowledge of the herbs’ healing properties and healthy eating habits to help her household, friends and neighbours ailments. She aided her aging mother with osteoporosis. Her intervention to help a young man whose arm became wounded in a construction accident prevented the possibility of amputation if healing wouldn’t have take place. Common emergencies are also talked about. As a believer in her faith, Sandra expresses that it’s through God’s grace she managed to get through sometimes scary situations. It’s normal to not know everything for every situation. I also can understand the fear of letting go of conventional programming and continue to make more appropriate changes for our family. Sandra chose to keep these experiences in her book in hopes that we, the reader, would gain confidence in our journey to take charge of our family’s health.

I am grateful for inheriting my father’s strong-willingness personality. It enabled me to continue growing in my convictions. Looking back at some of these convictions I find that some I still follow and others have changed. Convictions not only come through prayer, bible study, or a check in our heart, but they also come through changes in life experiences and end with a commitment to change a thought or an action. We all grow in different ways, at different times and at our own pace. I hope you and your family gain some encouragement and insight along the way from our family’s journey towards a better relationship with our Saviour, Yeshua.

Section II talks about the importance of Cleansing and Nourishing our body which I will cover in the next part of the book review, so stay tuned. This book is definitely worth reading.  If you are looking to purchase a copy, please email me and I'll see how I can help.

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power
love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

Some information in this book review is quoted and paraphrased from Dr. Mom's Healthy Living.

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