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Thursday, August 5, 2010


How We Were Designed to Eat

Since I've been reviewing the cookbook What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook, I thought it appropriate to share this short interview with Paul Nison from Raw Food Life  and Bible teacher Bill Cloud.  This is an informal interview so please excuse the background noise.  Paul Nison raw foodist is a down a down to earth person who has a passion for our Creator.  Bill Cloud explains "how we were designed to eat" in such a simple and meaningful way. He talks about what our Creator really meant when he stated that some foods are good and some are not. 

For more information regarding Paul Nison's ministry, please visit:

Paul Nison (dot) com
Raw Food Life (This is one our sponsor)
Torah Life Ministries

For Bill Cloud's Ministry, please visit
Shoreshim Ministries (Shoreshim is Hebrew word for 'roots')

Hope you were blessed in some way.


What benefits have you and your family received with changes made to your health, faith or wellness?  Please share.  Testimonies are a blessing to others and to our Creator!


  1. Shalom Carmen- So thankful you found me! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! Your blog is so wonderful. I've yet to get to your children's blog.
    I wanted to comment on this post because we love Paul Nison. In fact, we are hosting a Sukkot this year out in Rusk Texas and Paul will join us there for a few teachings. You may be interested in bringing your family for the time he will be there.
    Well I am off to look around a bit!

    Blessing to you,

  2. Opps! I was signed in under my daughter's account...


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