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Monday, February 7, 2011


Our Homeschooling Journey: Homeschooling Through Highschool Four Year Plan

As homeschooling parents know, flexibility is key when teaching at home. And having a plan and a schedule in place is just that.  A schedule can change from one day to the next. Having homeschooled our two from the beginning, I can tell you we’ve tried different curriculum during our homeschooling journey. We've done some Charlotte Mason, some unschooling and at times a lot of book work.  At the beginning of some school years, our curriculum seemed to be working fine until we faced bumps along the road and we needed to take a break or slow down and continue at a different pace or restart at a later date.  In the end, everything works out as per our Father's plan.

I really do enjoy looking over other homeschooling families’ schedules and curriculum, reading lists, etc. Curriculum choices have expanded so much since we first started homeschooling over ten years ago. Our religious beliefs have gone through much refinement over the years, so regardless of the curriculum choices available, our choices are somewhat easy to make. But even within our choices, we still have quite a few to choose from. What an inspiration to be able to find something that may be a better fit or find a reader to complete a teaching we are currently working that I didn’t think of. As God-YHWH has different plans for his families, we have to keep in mind also that what works for one family may not work for another. Keeping focused on what our Creator wants for each of our children is so important as well. Much prayer is spent over many homeschool decisions.

Preparing our children is the hardest job that we have been given.  Academics are important yes, but preparing them spiritually, to have a want to serve, to have a surrendered and humble heart, to have a righteous attitude is what it is all about.   Our Father has been preparing the children's parents' heart along the way too!

We find ourselves in our homeschool journey where changes, adjustments and more tweaks may need to take place soon. Zachary and Leah are older now, they are allowed more input in choices for their classes. And we are learning to listen to them as we are reminded that YHWH is slowly leading them in His direction for their lives.

I’m including our current year’s courses for both Zachary and Leah on our new page "Homeschooling thru High School. This doesn’t include everything by any means.  If you'd like to visit our homeschool four year plan, please click here.  It is a work in progress, and I can say for certain, it will change.  You can hop on over to Declared onto You, if you are wanting to have a look at another Homeschooling Through Highschool 4 year plan. 

10th GRADE (Current)
  • ENGLISH: English 3-Essay writing, Literature, Grammar (The Potters School)
  • MATH: Geometry (Chicago Math)
  • SCIENCE: Chemistry (Apologia-Red Wagon Tutorials)
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: World History (Bob Jones)
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: French 1 (Bob Jones thru TPS)
  • FINE ARTS: Piano lessons, Practice and Theory
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: weights, cycling, rebounding
  • HEALTH: Nutrition, alternative healing (Dr. Christopher’s books)
  • BIBLE STUDY Scripture & Torah Portion Reading, old Testament Survey, Missionary Biographies, other studies.etc.
  • WEB DESIGN: Web Design 2 (TPS)
  • STUDY SKILLS: PSAT/SAT Preparation, speed reading, study skills
  • SPELLING: Phonetic Zoo Level C (IEW)
  • LIFE SKILLS: Personal Woodworking projects, home and maintenance skills (Accruing Credit)

  • ENGLISH: English 3-Essay writing, Literature, Grammar (The Potters School)
  • MATH: Algebra 1 (Chicago Math) - Currently also using ALEKS on a free 3 month trial
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: World Geography (Bob Jones)
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE: French 1 (Bob Jones thru TPS)
  • FINE ARTS: Piano lessons, practice and Theory
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: body fitness, rebounder, cycling
  • HEALTH: Family Herbalist (Dr. Christopher)
  • BIBLE STUDY Scripture and Torah Portions, old Testament Survey, Missionary Biographies, etc.
  • STUDY SKILLS: PSAT/SAT Preparation, speed reading, study skills
  • SPELLING: Phonetic Zoo Level C (IEW)
  • LIFE SKILLS: Cooking, Sewing, gardening (accruing credit)
  • EQUINE: Natural Horsemanship Riding Lessons/cleaning stalls,  History of the Horse Study Guide, other readers (accruing credit)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  Although we are still learning, we'd be happy to share what has worked for us on this journey.
    The Brunos


    1. Carmen - I really enjoyed this post, and it's wonderful how the Father changes our eyes to refine our curriculum choices. Oh He is so faithful....it's also great to see what others use, I really enjoyed reading the curriculum choices you are using....I have not heard of The Potter's school. :) Thank you for the link as well.

    2. I've been working on a page too! :-)

      Do you share more about Potter's on your blog? This may sound strange but I had a dream about a homeschool curriculum called Potter's but I had never heard of it before. So that caught my eye right away!

      Your plan looks great! How do you like BJU World History? I was planning on it for next year. We have 2nd edition geography and like it. Have you used any other BJU materials?

    3. It would be a good idea for us to share some of our thoughts on the curriculum we are using, including Potters School. Hopefully I can get this out next week. The month of February is supposed to be dedicated to homeschooling.

      Michelle, We have not started BJU world history yet. As soon as Leah has completed the BJU geography, we'll be starting on it and both Zach and Leah will work on it together. We are also using the french BJU materials through Potters School. The curriculum itself seems ok.

    4. We used a lot of Sonlight, Saxon math, Apologia science, but did a lot of "whatever worked" too. Next fall it will be another generation of homeschooling for our family as our grandson is at that age. It's truly a blessing Yahweh has given us to be able to teach our own children.

    5. Yes, thank you for sharing:) I agree, I love to hear what others are doing in their schools at home. I have not heard of the Potter's School so I am quite interested in perusing their site.



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